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Pershore Wellbeing Hub is a dynamic charity based in Pershore town centre.

We support you in taking control of your wellbeing at any age in order to feel well, connected, happy, safe.

Explore your community, connect to it, and thrive.

          Tuesday                          10am – 1pm

          Wednesday                    10am – 1pm

           Thursday                        10am – 4pm

           Friday                              10am – 1pm

           Saturday                         10am – 1pm


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As a charity we depend upon generous support.

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What we do….

We deliver person-centred support across the full range of services from simply listening, to help with paperwork, from helping you find new hobbies and friends, to enabling you to take more control of your own happiness. Our team includes wellbeing advisors, mentors, coaches, advocates and many more. Whether you want help with something specific, or simply a chat, just ask us.

We work closely with local authorities, health services, and the voluntary sector. By linking to all of these elements we can direct you the right people or group to help you, at the right time, for you. We are non-political, non-religious, non-judgemental, and we aim to be friendly and welcoming to all in our community, in order to make that community stronger, happier, and more united.

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