Give a little back to the world

Give a little back to the world

Give a little back to the world

It is often said that doing good is one of the best ways to feel good. People who care more about others are in general happier than those who care less about others. When people do good, their brain becomes active in the same reward centre as where they experience other rewards. (S. Lyubomirsky, The How of Happiness, 2007.)

Being a part of a community can provide a real boost to your mental health, and numerous studies have shown that people who take an active interest in helping others are much more likely to feel happier themselves.

You obviously have a ready-made community in Pershore and its surrounding villages and there will be ways you can make a real difference to these environments. However, you might also consider helping out at a local charity or community group by undertaking some voluntary work. Volunteering helps not only the body and soul but may also allow you to develop skills and gain valuable experience to advance your career prospects.

How to Volunteer

Why don’t you pop in and have a chat with one of our own volunteers, or browse through the many opportunities in our directory.

Another great source of tips and advice is the National Council for Voluntary Organisations NCVO

Or try your local Pershore Volunteer Centre 

If you would like to join our team of volunteers click here

Small acts of kindness

If you have a full schedule then understandably finding time to devote to regular voluntary work may be difficult. However, you can make a big difference to other people on a much smaller scale. Studies have shown that even committing a single selfless act of kindness a week can help to significantly increase personal wellbeing.

Small acts of kindness might include:

Giving up your seat on the bus
Holding a door open for someone
Giving a (sincere) compliment
Making someone laugh
Giving someone a hug
Taking time to really listen to someone
Giving directions to someone who’s lost
Having a conversation with a stranger
Picking up litter as you walk
Passing on a book you’ve enjoyed
Giving blood
Getting back in contact with someone you’ve lost touch with