Your money matters

Your money matters

Your money matters

Whether you are opening your first bank account, buying a house, having a family, changing jobs, retiring, or going through any difficult changes in your life, you’ll need to keep an eye on your finances and balance your budget. Proactively managing your money will help you to retain control of your finances, avoid overspending and will hopefully prevent you losing sleep about debt or money, or worrying about your financial situation.

MoneySavingExpert is a consumer website dedicated to cutting bills and fighting the consumer’s corner with journalistic research, cutting-edge tools and a community focused on finding deals, saving cash and campaigning for financial justice. The Money Advice Service is a free and impartial source of advice about money and finances, and is backed by the UK government.

Your money matters in so many ways….


Borrowing Money

Can you afford that loan? Have a look at Money Saving Expert for the latest best loan rates, or the Money Advice Service for best advice

Household Bills

There’s lots of advice and guidance here to help you get the best deals with your utilities and household bills

Heat for Health:  07458 306298

Local Energy Advice Partnership:  0800 0607 567 or

Warmer Worcestershire:  0800 988 2881


Consumer issues: how to complain

Need to complain about poor service? Feels as though you’ve been ripped off? Get some help here on how to complain and reclaim.

Banks and Savings

The banking sector is hard to understand at the best of times. You’ll find helpful guides here whether you’re opening an account for day to day expenses, or trying to save a bit.

Mortgages and Homes

Shelter is a basic human right. Whether you’re renting, buying, or selling your home you’ll need some impartial help

Try either here or here for advice on whats’s right for you, and to get advice on everything from your lease to your mortgage.

Travel & Motoring

Trips at home and abroad are great to look forward to, and always so much more enjoyable if you’ve done a little planning ahead. Don’t forget to check Money Saving Expert before you go, or the Money Advice Service.

UK travel tips from running a car to travelling by public transport are also available.


Insurance is about protecting you from nasty surprises that can derail your attempts to stick to a budget. In some areas insurance is also compulsory, such as car insurance.

Make sure you get the best value for money when you insure you car, home, pet, health, or gadgets.

Income and Budgets

Balancing your budget, making ends meet, keeping within you means: you need to adjust your spending to match your income, and keep adjusting it as you go through life and its many changes. Fortunately there is a lot of advice from experts on how to do this.


You are never too young to start planning ahead, and the earlier you start the more comfortable your later life could be. But where do you start, and who do you trust to give impartial advice?

We suggest the Money and Pensions Service, the Money Advice Service, or Money Saving Expert as sources of good independent advice and guidance.


Save the Student website provides free and impartial advice for students on how to make your money go further. You can also find help from the confidential Money Advice Service which also has a section for students and graduates on money management and a budget planner as well as a specific section for University budgets.

Worried about Scams

Money Saving Expert always has up to date advice, not only on how to spot and avoid Scams, but what to do if you think that you’ve been a victim