New Technology

Managing new technology

Managing new technology

Is the shiny electronic box in your pocket your servant or your master?

There is no doubt that when used properly technology and social media can add to our happiness and wellbeing significantly. It can help us to derive huge benefits in connecting with people and the world irrespective of time or distance, and, used well, can greatly improve our organisation and efficiency; potentially freeing up additional time to spend on ourselves and with others.

However, as Dr Mark Williamson writes:

“It’s no exaggeration to suggest that our mobile devices are in danger of taking over our entire lives. Time magazine found that 68% of users take their technological devices to bed with them, 20% check their phones every ten minutes and one third report feeling anxious when briefly separated from their beloved gadget. According to Osterman research, 33% admit to hiding from family and friends in order to check Facebook and Twitter. It’s hard to deny that these are worrying trends.”



Stop the distractions

New technology is fantastic, but like any tool in our toolbox we need to be in charge. When your phone is distracting your from what you were doing the you are not being productive.

Use the technology when you want to, not when it distracts you and demands your attention. Don’t be a slave to your phone.

5 Ways to stop distractions

Read his article to find out why less technology might equal greater happiness and some tips for reducing dependency on gadgets and devices.

You may also be interested in listening to a podcast from The Naked Scientists about the impact of social media on our wellbeing and a Royal Society for Public Health report on social media and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Stopping Distractions

Some helpful apps or download for spending time without the distraction of technology include: