Learn something new

Learn something new

Learn something new

Research has shown that learning – in the broadest sense – can improve our mental wellbeing. Learning throughout our lives is associated with greater satisfaction and optimism, and an improved ability to get the most from life. People who adopt an approach of lifelong learning report a greater ability to cope with stress, as well as increased feelings of hope and purpose.

Studying anywhere means that you will immerse yourself in a culture of learning. However, this isn’t just about academic learning. It’s about cultivating curiosity and learning new skills rather than just gaining formal qualifications. This might be learning an instrument, expanding your culinary repertoire, doing a crossword, learning a new language, joining a club, playing a new sport and so much more.

Learning never stops : Learn something new everyday

Developing any kind of skill, taking on new knowledge and continuous learning are all really beneficial for protecting, maintaining and improving mental health and wellbeing.

What you choose to learn is entirely up to you. Will it be a new language, a new recipe, how to sew a button on, how to tie a bowline, or how to tell Beethoven from Brahms? The choice is yours.

Have a look in our directory for learning opportunities, and learn something new everyday.


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